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Kassandra Sanchez

 I wanted to have a great college experience and being a part of the station made a big difference in my time at Fresno State...

I became involved with FSR Underground through two internships in my senior year at Fresno State.  I’m so glad that I chose FSR Underground as my internship site because I received personalized guidance and opportunities with the radio station.  I was asked to share my goals in life, hobbies and more to identify tailored activities that would support my ambitions and dreams.


In my first internship, I served in the Programming Content & Talent Development Department as the host of FSR Underground’s “Fresno State Student Services” report that aired weekdays at 3pm.  I learned how to research, write and record the production.  Hosting the feature allowed me to grow my networking skills.  I enjoyed interviewing people on campus about different student services that became part of my report.  I learned so much and became a source of campus information for my friends.  I’m really proud of my reports and being on the air at FSR Underground.


In my second internship, I served in the Marketing/Public Relations and Web Content & Development Departments.  I was in charge of creating videos about FSR Underground to use on social media and on the website.  I learned how to prep for the video by creating a list of talking points, practice my delivery and camera work, record the videos and help edit the final product.  I really enjoyed the projects and am proud of the videos used for the online platforms.


My time at FSR Underground was so much fun.  It definitely made my last year at Fresno State unforgettable.  The station definitely helped me get more involved with campus life.  I wanted to have a great college experience and being a part of the station made a big difference in my time at Fresno State. 


My experience with FSR Underground helped me with my future career by giving me an opportunity to be myself and to grow.  I learned that research plays a huge role in radio because it helped me communicate effectively.  I learned how to be concise when presenting information.  I know those skills will help me in my future career.


I am grateful for my time at the station and for the support of station management.  General Manager Julie Logan is a great advocate for student success, and she definitely supports students who are involved with FSR Underground.  She was always supportive and always made a point of telling me that I was doing a great job.  She helped me brainstorm about opportunities, encouraged me to try new things and helped me discover that I can achieve my goals with hard work.  Like other students, I’m happy to call her, “Media Mom.”

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