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Arcos is a Fresno State history major. After graduation, he aspires to teach history at the collegiate level, and is also interested in opportunities in the radio industry. Arcos learned about FSR Underground after seeing a flyer about the station on campus. He has always had a huge interest in radio so when he saw that Fresno State had its own student-produced station, he wanted to become involved in any way possible.


Arcos currently hosts the afternoon drive show (M-F from 2 pm to 7 pm) playing alternative rock pulling music from Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, and Triple-A formats. In addition to that, he hosts a weekend specialty show, “Crème de la Crème” on Saturdays playing a wide variety of music from synthpop to disco to new wave.  He's been involved in FSR Underground since the summer of 2022.


Arcos is passionate about all types of music. When he says that he listens to everything, he means it! Psychedelic rock, indie, and folk are just a few genres of music that he loves. He was also raised on a lot of oldies, funk, techno, and reggae, so he is familiar with a well-rounded variety of music. Arcos is passionate about music as it has played a huge role in his life and upbringing. He says that music has helped him make friends and connect with people.


In his free time, Arcos likes to play guitar, stalk people’s Spotify profiles, and play Fortnite with friends.


A few fun facts about Arcos are that he is currently learning how to play the drums, his celebrity crush is the artist Clairo, and his favorite food is mashed potatoes!


Arcos can be best contacted via his email but you can also follow him on Instagram @bruh.frankie and check out his Spotify frankie.mp3.

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