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Kirsten Martinez is a Fresno State business administration/marketing major, also minoring in advertising and public relations. After she earns her bachelor's degree, Kirsten hopes to pursue her MBA (Masters in Business Administration.) She aspires to become a marketing manager for a company or work for a marketing agency in her professional career. Kirsten began her involvement with FSR Underground after meeting FSR Underground manager Julie Logan Lindahl, who explained the opportunities FSR Underground offers students. Kirsten says she was drawn to the music, the positive culture, and the countless opportunities.


Kirsten currently hosts the weekday middays show (M-F from 10 am to 2 pm) playing alternative rock pulling music from Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, and Triple-A formats. In addition to that, she also hosts the Contemporary Christian specialty show, “Rise Up Radio” on Sundays from 7 am to 9 am where she plays brand new music from the Contemporary Christian format. Kirsten also serves as FSR Underground’s student assistant director of marketing and PR.


Kirsten has been involved with FSR Underground since the summer of 2022 as a volunteer and started learning the behind-the-scenes operations of radio. More recently, she has become involved with marketing and PR, programming content, event management, audio/video production, web content and development, business administration, and more. Kirsten loves how the opportunities FSR Underground provides support her educational and career goals.


Kirsten is most passionate about Worship, Latin, and Alternative Rock music. She says each genre ties into her daily routine and represents her moods. Faith is a big part of Kirsten’s identity, so listening to Worship music keeps her close to her faith while Latin and Alternative Rock both play the role of keeping her motivated. Whether she is working, studying, or simply going about her day, Kirsten says that music keeps her smiling through all of it.


In her free time, Kirsten loves to do anything that allows her creativity to shine. She enjoys everything from embroidery, painting, drawing, building and video editing. Kirsten says that she finds great satisfaction in creating compelling content. She is currently working on a DIY miniature flower shop.


A fun fact about Kirsten is that she is involved in various programs at Fresno State in addition to her involvement with FSR Underground. Kirsten is a Vintage Days committee member and a marketing intern for Fresno State Athletics where she recently got to work Fresno State’s home football games on the field, helping set up promotions. In addition to that, Kirsten is also the social media and Communications Student Assistant for the Richter Center at Fresno State which keeps her involved in all their events.


Kirsten can be best reached at

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